PARS ability to handle a multi-faceted vehicle transport project is exemplified by a recent project completed for an electronics

The firm was in the process of downsizing the sales force along with approximately 500 vehicles. Complicating matters, some of these vehicles had been recalled by the manufacturer. The fleet manager faced an extremely tight deadline to have all the cars turned in, and he sought the advice of a PARS fleet transport logistics expert to suggest a strategy.

Because the customer was not replacing these sales reps, having non-recall vehicles sent directly to an auction seemed to make the most sense. However, the company was especially concerned that the process of picking up the vehicles was controlled, and the manager believed that PARS could more effectively communicate with the drivers, including Instructing them about their allowance, confirm with HR that the asset was collected, provide all necessary real-time status reporting, and complete the job by the deadline.

The fleet manager noted, “I know PARS will provide all the necessary information. And, I know that if PARS says they are going to pick up vehicles by April 1st, they will pick them up by April 1st!”

PARS secured all of the vehicles and put them in storage. Once there, the company could manage more effectively the liquidation of the surplus fleet. PARS also worked with the fleet management company to have the recalled vehicles stored to meet the OEM’s requirements.

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